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Why Metabolic Hormones Are So Important Your Health
Metabolic Hormones are quite “powerful” in terms of how they affect our body. They control our metabolic rate, decide whether to burn or store extra calories, regulate hunger and even determine when our brains will send a signal to our stomachs that we are already full! They also trigger cravings and can increase bloating and water retention.
By helping to naturally rebalance these metabolic hormones, Tetrogen Day & Night helps support efficient digestive function. This will help you feel fuller longer after meals, have fewer cravings, and digest food more efficiently.

Here is how Tetrogen Day & Night helps improve digestive health 24/7:
Helps rebalance metabolic hormones
Helps you feel fuller longer after meals
Helps body naturally resist cravings between meals
Safely supports healthy digestive function
Helps induce thermogenesis
When used in conjunction with daily or regular exercise, Tetrogen Day & Night can help you safely rebalance your metabolic hormones.
Enjoy a healthier you with Tetrogen Day & Night and Click on “Add To Cart” TODAY!
Only Product Made with Lipofuel – Tetrogen Day & Night are both made with Lipofuel, a clinically studied and patented ingredient not found in any other nutritional supplement.
Optimizes Metabolic Hormones – When our metabolic hormones are out of balance they can slow metabolism (by up to 43%), increase cravings, and can cause unwanted weight gain. Tetrogen Day & Night is Scientifically formulated to support healthy metabolic hormone function.
Supports Efficient Digestive Function — By helping to rebalance your metabolic hormones, Tetrogen supports efficient digestive function so you feel fuller longer after meals and have fewer cravings.

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