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Belly Patch for Weight Loss
Please keep a healthy diet and exercise regularly while using for a better result. 
30 days one Course of treatment.
Packing list: 90 Pcs belly slimming patch
Fast & Effective – Using transdermal absorption technology, the active ingredients of the weight loss stick are absorbed through the skin to produce fast results.
Safe Ingredients – The slimming pātches is mainly extracted from calendula, lotus, and other plants with active ingredients. It is mild, healthy and non-irritating to the skin.
Prevent Obesity – The slimming pātches not only accelerates the rapid burning and consumption of existing fat but also prevents the formation of fat, ultimately achieving the effect of staying slim.
Easy To Use – Simply apply the slimming pātch on your belly button, arms, or wherever you want to get slimmer. It is easy to become slimmer without any effort. Perfect for men and women.

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