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Even Post- Vaccination, you may need something extra. You have three levels of immunity: Barrier, Innate & Adaptive. Shouldn’t you use all of them? Our Immunity Basics: Fat Solubles line of supplements will help you achieve that objective. Science has advanced rapidly over recent months, but it’s hard to keep up. Did you know that Vitamin C has been shown to be less effective in supporting immunity than was commonly believed a year ago? That’s right. According to research published in JAMA, Vitamin C—your go to supplement for immunity support—does NOT meaningfully support immunity. Actually we’ve known for some time that immunity support at a basic level requires Fat Soluble Vitamins, like Vitamin D. Just search “Keto Innate Immunity”. However, there’s a whole spectrum of Fat Soluble Vitamins, including A, E, D & K. An additional Fat Soluble Vitamin is Tocotrienol, an all-natural form of Vitamin E, but with 10x to 60x the antioxidant effectiveness of standard Vitamin E. Together, the Full-Spectrum of Fat Soluble Vitamins work as “Keto Antioxidants”. You don’t have to go Full Keto, but you can still Trust the Science when you’re looking for more assurance and confidence in your health. Our supplements will help you Adapt Resolve Repeat, supporting the trifecta of Barrier, Innate and Adaptive Immunity you want and need, even Post-Vaccination.
Our Immunity Basics: Fat Solubles No.1 contains Vital Keto AntiOxidants—A & E plus all-natural Tocotrienols—to support all three levels of immunity—Barrier, Innate & Adaptive—whether Pre- or Post- Vaccination.
The Best Immunity Booster available today. Our softgels contain a 50:50 blend of Virgin Organic Coconut Oil and MCT Oil (from organic coconuts), providing a convenient Keto-Shot in Every Serving.
Our all-natural Tocotrienols will 10X to 60X your Vitamin E reserves necessary for efficient “Keto Innate Immunity”.

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