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YEOUTH Balancing Facial Toner is the perfect way to prepare your skin, day or night.
-Aids dermal cell healing, lessens irritation and reduces redness, helping restore skin tone on the face
-YEOUTH Balancing Facial Toner is extremely effective, providing optimal antiaging facial preparation and refreshment in your daily regimen.
-YEOUTH Balancing Facial Toner works beautifully in tandem with YEOUTH Hyaluronic Acid Plus, preparing and moistening the skin to allow easy application and full absorption of the powerful serum, followed by YEOUTH Anti-aging Moisturizer L22
-Chamomile Flower extract has long been known for its antioxidant and skin soothing qualities.
-Allantoin is an exceptional healing, soothing and moisturizing agent. It will enhance the efficacy and feel of dermatological and cosmetic formulations, leaving skin soft and supple, which is why YEOUTH Balancing Facial Toner is formulated to work with YEOUTH Hyaluronic Acid Plus and YEOUTH Anti-aging Moisturizer L22.
-Alcloxa combines the mild astringent properties of aluminum salt with the anti-irritant, soothing and healing properties of Allantoin.
Restore your skin to its younger, more radiant state with Balancing Facial Toner. It’s 100% guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose. Order now.
We all dream of timeless beauty – Medical Grade Balancing toner for face has a blend of actives including Allantoin, Alcloxa, and Chamomile Flower extract, which have been known for their antioxidant, skin-soothing, and pore minimizing skin irritant neutralizing qualities. This facial toner is the perfect pretreatment in any skin care regimen. Return your skin to its timeless state with this cleansing water.
YEOUTH Balancing Facial Toner is safe for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin around the eye. Normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, and acne prone skin. Wash and pat skin dry. Keeping eyes closed, spray a fine mist of YEOUTH Balancing Facial Toner over face and neck. For best results, follow with YEOUTH Hyaluronic Acid Plus and YEOUTH Anti-aging Moisturizer L-22. For men and women.
Safe Skin Care: Made in the USA in a CGMP registered facility. You can depend on YEOUTH to deliver the highest quality in topical antiaging beauty cleansers, serums, moisturizers, lotions, toners, washes and creams available on Amazon and the web today.
Made in a USA CGMP facility. YEOUTH delivers high quality anti-aging, wrinkle-fighting skincare products.

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