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IN A FIELD OF FLOWERS, BE A WILDFLOWERThe combination of natural, anti-aging, moisture-binding ingredients and a base of Witch Hazel Extract and Tea Tree Water in our face toner for women and men leaves your skin clean, soft, and supple. Without parabens, our soothing Rosewater toner is ideal for all skin types, standing out among facial toners and natural acne products. This cruelty-free, superfine deep hydration mist with Tea Tree Water can be spritzed on clean skin or over makeup. Indeed, it’s no ordinary Rose Witch Hazel toner. MORE THAN JUST A FACIAL TONER FOR AGING SKINOur gentle, hydrating toner for face also works as: – acne toner for face – calming herbal face moisturizer – skin toner for sensitive skin – Rose Water facial toner for oily skin – skin balancing toner oily skin – natural toner for dry skin – Rose Water Witch Hazel oily skin toner – womens and mens facial toner – non-toxic, travel size face toner for men and women THE THIRD EYE COLLECTIONYour Third Eye is located on the forehead between the eyebrows and is the chakra of intuition and foresight. We bring the Third Eye Collection to you so you can emanate radiance and splendor by bringing back your vision to what’s always been beautiful: you. HOW TO USEAfter cleansing, spray it onto a cotton ball or pad, or directly apply to your face and neck. Do not rinse. Use as needed throughout the day. It can be applied over makeup. HAPPINESS GUARANTEEAt Ayadara, we’re on a mission to help everyone look and feel their best using only the most effective, highest quality ingredients, products, and service. If you are unsatisfied with our product during its lifetime, please contact us and we’ll provide the best solution for you as our valued customer.
RENEWING WITCH HAZEL SPRAY: This face toner spray helps maintain your skin’s optimal pH balance so it looks good and feels fresh; our Rose Water toner for face reduces the look of oil-induced acne, making it the ideal face toner for acne-prone skin
OFFERS 1000+ SPRAYS PER BOTTLE: Unlike other face products, a little goes a long way with our Tea Tree Toner; now you can enjoy toned skin for longer with our Witch Hazel Rose Water spray and acne toner face mist that can provide over 1000 spritzes
CLEAN, POWERFUL, BALANCED INGREDIENTS: Unlike chemical-based skin toners for face that have been found to dry out skin, our anti-aging Rose toner for face and Witch Hazel toner for oily acne-prone skin moisturizes your skin, leaving it more supple
PREMIUM SKINCARE: Our Witch Hazel facial toner contains zero parabens, phthalates, harmful additives, and chemicals; for an anti-blemish routine, use it with our Charcoal to Sparkle Face Wash and our Breakout Warrior Moisturizing Acne Treatment Cream

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