Are you an avid reader who hates putting down a book? How would you like to get paid to do something you already enjoy doing?

Researchers at WordsRated are conducting studies that analyze content from hundreds of books. They are looking to level up their research, and for that, they need help. So they’re crowdsourcing their research, paying people to do what they love – read books.

The process in itself is straightforward:

  • WordsRated sends out a book
  • Readers make notes on specific areas of interest
  • WordsRated pays the readers $200 per completed book

The Types Of Books Given

Assigned books vary from project to project. For example, one upcoming project aims to understand gender roles in books. Are female characters there as fully realized, three-dimensional characters, or are they just there because the male characters need a wife or a love interest?

“For this, we may ask readers to look at how often the male and female characters appear in the book, how many lines of dialogue each character has, and what adjectives are used to describe them,” Danny McLoughlin, Research Director for WordsRated said. “For this, we will most likely use books from the New York Times Best Seller fiction lists.”

McLoughlin also said that the role makes sense. For him to read 10 or 20 books, it would take months, but for ten people to read a book or two apiece, it only takes weeks, significantly streamlining their projects.

As one of three research directors, McLoughlin said that he has control over projects and will most likely liaise with the readers and inform them of the type of information they would need to collect for the books that they are reading.

The CEO Of WordsRated

CEO Jens Jakob Andersen launched WordsRated towards the end of 2021. As a CEO, he already had a successful research company at RunRepeat and was looking to perform similar studies and research with his second love – books.

“We hope to provide meaningful information on books that can provide reliable, useful, informative, and entertaining data,” Andersen said.

Since this is a new initiative, there are no readers yet, but they plan to have at least 5-10 to begin with and take it from there, depending on how it works out.

The Time Limit Given

McLoughlin says that readers will not be given a strict time limit. Projects often take a few weeks to months to complete, so there is usually no great rush. Ideally, they ask readers to be able to complete a book within two weeks to a month.

McLoughlin said that his longest research project had taken more than six months to complete. “We expect most readers to view this as a side gig, so there will be no undue pressure,” he says.

Readers are then paid $200 by bank transfer.

For the moment, the company is being funded by Andersen, so technically, it does not currently have a value, McLoughlin says. However, Andersen’s other company, RunRepeat, is worth about seven figures.

How You Can Apply

For this particular position, no college degree is necessary. McLoughlin says that they just need someone that can demonstrate a love of reading and has native or close to native proficiency in English.

The position entails someone capable of devouring books with ease while paying attention to detail. The reader’s job is to read the book and take notes on specific details. Some examples include:

  • Number of characters by gender
  • Number of sentences given to male vs. female characters
  • Locations where the story takes place
  • Which books are characters reading or being referenced
  • Number of certain words or phrases
  • How many questions were asked in the book
  • What animals appear in the book

The good news is that there is no limit on how much you can read – you can do as little as one book per month or one book every day. You can do this in your spare time or can make this into a full-time job.

Anyone 18 years of age and over who has a passion for reading and values freedom and flexibility in work can apply for the job. The job is 100% remote, and you can work how much you want and whenever you want. All the company requires is a stable internet connection and high proficiency in English.

You can find the job posting here.

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