This product wont replace your research to become a successful investor. However, it will provide you a convenient and instant -yet data driven- approach to gauge the situation and direction on markets.

Stocks, Shares.

>55% of adults in the USA invest on stock markets and >90% fail and lose significant amounts of money.

Similar failure/success ratio can be found across the world.

We aim to change this. Let’s grow together!

Our tools provide traders and investors instant and educated assistance in making smart and confident decisions in risk management, strategy and timing. For that we merge know-how in markets and statistics with fundamental data and an amazing UX. Our tools are intuitive and easy to use across all devices to adopt to our customers habits and easy access.

Who will profit from CD Pro?

All type of market participants will benefit from our service. Here are few examples:

  • Stock, ETF saving plans – adopt your recurring investments to market dynamics and avoid significant drawdowns.

  • Day trader – measure uncertainty for directional positioning.

  • Swing trader – identify exaggerations.

  • Options trader – optimize strategies.

    Our service is designed to assist you in this situation by providing:

    • direction based on selected indices/measures, their aggregated data and seasonal patterns,

    • indication whether the dynamics suggests bullish, neutral oder bearish environment based on historical data and correlations.

    • Furthermore we calculate and visualize ratios, crossovers and percentile values for an instant understanding of dependencies, their significance and meaningfulness.

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