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Makes Intermittent Fasting A Breeze – Formulated to make dieting and intermittent fasting easy, the DoFasting craving suppressant is excellent for weight management. It helps keep hunger pangs at bay, so you can achieve your dream body shape.
Gentle and Effective – Tired of getting an upset stomach with the harsh ingredients in other appetite supplements? Our vegan, GMO-and-gluten-free fiber blend uses gentle cellulose fiber from sun-fed plants for a healthy gut and a regular bowel movement.
Supports Your Optimum Wellness – This unique konjac root powder formula also promotes healthy skin and regulate cholesterol. It helps your body perform better by cleansing the gut and helping you feel satisfied for longer.
2 Fruity Flavors – Our dietary glucomannan fiber formula is available in 2 refreshing flavors: strawberry lemonade and orange. Use it in your THM recipes and protein shakes. Or simply mix it with water during your fasting window.

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