Lax meter readings ramp up your electric bill when they lead to overpayment due to estimation. Electric companies reimburse excess charges, but avoiding excessive bills is often preferable to the needless forking out of extra money.

Getting a smart meter installed to send accurate readings, or logging regular meter readings yourself, can stop exorbitant electric bills heading your way. Be sure to double check bills to see if the bill is from an actual reading or an estimated reading. Anything that is estimated can also be requested to have a technician come out to the property and perform an actual reading of the meter. 

Inefficient Use Of Devices

It’s tempting to run appliances at less than full capacity. There are chores to do and running things on high, can help get chores done quicker. On the other end, not optimizing runs is also a detriment. That half-filled wash in the machine is an eyesore, but it will also cause additional loads, leading to higher monthly electric bills. There is major satisfaction in getting things done quickly, but minimizing waste at the same time, is a great way to save money at the end of the month. 

Older Devices Not Up To Code 

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